Seven Ways to Prolong Your Professional Teeth Whitening Results

Jan 10, 2024
Seven Ways to Prolong Your Professional Teeth Whitening Results
Professional teeth whitening dramatically improves your appearance by transforming dull, yellow teeth into a dazzling, white smile. Is there anything you can do to extend the life of your beautiful smile? Yes! Read on to learn how.

You can’t stop smiling after a professional teeth whitening because it feels fabulous to have dazzling, white teeth. But then you wonder how long your results will last and how you can keep your beautiful smile as long as possible.

You can prolong the results of your in-office teeth whitening at Hudgens Dental, and we’re glad to share how. Here, you’ll learn our top seven tips for keeping your teeth bright.

Tip 1: Beware of tooth-staining products

Your beautiful white smile fades faster if you frequently consume foods and beverages containing dark pigments. The pigments seep into your tooth enamel and cause staining.

Products that pose the highest risk of staining include:

  • Red, blue, and purple berries
  • Tomato products
  • Soy sauce
  • Coffee and tea
  • Red wine
  • Yellow, red, or orange spices (curry and chili powder)

Don’t give up these foods entirely because many provide health benefits. Just be cautious with the amount you consume.

The good news is that you can change your dental hygiene habits to reduce the risk of staining. We explain those in the last three tips below.

Tip 2: Limit acidic foods and beverages

Some foods naturally contain acids, which add a tangy quality. Acids are also added to products like sodas to give them tartness. Whether acids are natural or added, they erode your tooth enamel, making it vulnerable to staining (and increasing your risk for cavities).

All citrus fruits contain acids, but lemons have the most. Other high-acid products include sodas, coffee, red wine, sports drinks, fruit juices, and sour candies.

Be especially mindful of your dental hygiene if you frequently drink coffee and red wine because they are also pigmented.

Tip 3: Stop smoking

Smoking is another common cause of tooth staining because nicotine creates yellow and brown discoloration. Of course, there are many other reasons to stop smoking than to prolong your professional teeth whitening.

Smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer and a significant contributor to cancers of the mouth, throat, bladder, stomach, kidneys, liver, and colon.

We understand it’s challenging to stop smoking. Talk with us or your primary care provider if you need help.

Tip 4: Treat dry mouth

Saliva washes away food particles, fights bacteria, neutralizes acids, and protects tooth enamel. If you don’t produce enough saliva (dry mouth), you have a higher risk for erosion, tooth staining, and problems like decay and gum disease.

Saliva production declines if you have diabetes, autoimmune diseases, take certain medications, or are on chemotherapy. 

Tip 5: Ways to limit the impact of acids and pigments

Brushing twice daily and flossing at least once daily prevents staining. It’s also important to schedule routine dental check-ups so we can deep-clean your teeth.

However, you should revise your brushing habits to protect your teeth from pigments and acids.

Brushing every time you consume products that can stain or erode reduces their impact on your teeth. 

But don’t brush immediately after. Brushing while acids remain in your mouth increases tooth erosion and staining. Instead, rinse with water and wait an hour before brushing. That’s enough time for saliva to wash away acids and enamel to re-harden.

Tip 6: Use a whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste doesn’t remove deep stains or significantly improve your smile. Still, it has ingredients that eliminate surface stains and extend your professional whitening results.

Tip 7: Use Zoom! at home

We use the Philips Zoom!® whitening system in the office for excellent tooth whitening results in an hour. You can also purchase a customized Zoom! home-whitening kit and use it between professional teeth-whitening visits to prolong your results.

Don’t hesitate to call the Hudgens Dental team or book an appointment online if you have questions about tooth staining and how to prolong your professional teeth whitening.