Laser Dentistry

Dental care includes soft tissue care, requiring precise instruments in order to help patients avoid pain or discomfort. Concerns like gum disease progression require your doctor to work on and around your soft tissues. While procedures like this may seem invasive, our laser dentistry technology helps us keep patients comfortable every step of the way. Additionally, laser dentistry offers benefits like less post-procedure bleeding and a reduced need for anesthesia.

At our office, we strive to bring our patients the biggest and best in dental technology. The dental field is always changing and innovating as technologies are discovered and developed. Lasers are starting to show just how much they can revolutionize the dental field. Learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry below.

Laser Dentistry


Dr. Hudgens is an experienced general dentist in Charleston, SC. He is committed to keeping up with the latest advancements in modern dentistry. This is why he is excited to offer laser dentistry technology. By incorporating dental lasers into procedures involving soft tissue care, Dr. Hudgens is able to keep patients comfortable even when they are in need of extensive gum repair.


Dental lasers are used in procedures affecting your soft tissues like your gums, tongue, or cheeks. These sensitive areas are prone to extensive post-procedure bleeding and extended healing times if not handled properly. Fortunately, with the incorporation of dental lasers, Dr. Hudgens is able to seal off blood vessels as he works, eliminating post-procedure bleeding and discomfort. Laser dentistry has many associated benefits, including:

  • A faster healing time
  • Less post-surgical bleeding
  • Less pain
  • Reduces the need for anesthesia
  • Less chance of an infection
  • Extremely precise, so less healthy tissue has to be removed
  • Less likely to need stitches

Laser dentistry can be utilized in procedures like gum contouring, periodontal diseased treatment, and even in removing mouth sores or benign tumors.


Yes, laser dentistry is safe. Dr. Hudgens would never provide any procedures that would put his patients’ health at risk. Lasers have been used in dentistry since 1994 to treat a number of dental concerns, and the technology only keeps improving as we continue to learn more about the amazing patient benefits of this technology.

Lasers can be considered even safer than traditional treatment methods. It’s more precise than scalpels or other elements often used in gum surgery. You don’t risk as much harm to the surrounding soft tissues because there’s no cutting. The laser is designed to only hit the exact area that it’s targeting. It has the added benefits of being more sterile and bleeding less.

If you have questions or concerns about the use of dental lasers during a procedure, please feel free to ask Dr. Hudgens or any member of our team for more information. Safety goggles are used during all procedures involving the use of dental lasers.

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