Dental Crown

While minor tooth damage can be repaired using cosmetic dentistry solutions such as tooth bonding, severe chips and cracks must be addressed with restorative dentistry solutions. Severe chips and cracks put you more at risk for tooth decay or further dental damage.

If the internal structure of your tooth becomes compromised due to decay or trauma, you may experience pain or discomfort. Additionally, patients with damaged teeth may have difficulty chewing or speaking. Dr. Hudgens can help restore your dental health with porcelain dental crowns, custom-made to fit over the tooth like a cap.

Dental crowns restore function and aesthetics and strengthen a damaged tooth. Learn more about dental crowns below.

Dental Crown


Dr. Hudgens is an experienced restorative dentist in Charleston, SC. He has helped many patients repair extensive dental damage with dental crowns. Patients love dental crowns because they allow them to restore a severely chipped or cracked tooth without needing a tooth extraction. Dental crowns are created using durable, porcelain material that effectively replaces the entire exterior of your tooth while preserving its internal structure.


Dental crowns can take care of various cosmetic and restorative dental problems. Cosmetically, professional teeth whitening is usually the go-to treatment for discolored teeth. But not all dental staining responds to bleaching techniques. We can match a dental crown to whatever shade of white you desire to cover your discolored tooth. A crown also covers a misshapen or disfigured tooth. It restores full function if the disfiguration impacts your speech or eating.

Crowns fix broken or severely decayed teeth, too. At our office, we take a conservative approach to your smile. This means that we preserve natural tooth structure whenever possible. Dental crowns are a key tool for doing this. It can hold the pieces of a broken or decayed tooth together to preserve the tooth root. This way, you don’t have to deal with the consequences of missing teeth.

Dental crowns are the first choice to stabilize a tooth or top a dental implant. A root canal procedure removes infected material from inside the tooth. It’s filled with a biocompatible material and sealed off. A dental crown is also used to ensure that you get back your tooth’s full function and provides another layer of protection against further decay.

A single dental implant is always topped with a custom dental crown. You get the most natural tooth restoration with a crown completing this restoration. It both looks and feels like one of your natural teeth. We craft the crown so that it blends in perfectly with the shape and size of your other teeth.


For the dental crown procedure, your affected tooth will be shaped down to its foundational core, which will be used to support the crown. Sedation dentistry options keep you calm and comfortable during the procedure. An extensive amount of enamel removal is required to make space for the porcelain crown.

Once your affected tooth is prepared for a dental crown, we will take impressions to send to our labs. Then, we will create a temporary crown to be placed over your tooth until the final restoration is complete. Patients will need to visit our office once more when the crown arrives from our labs.

For the final restoration placement, the temporary crown will be removed and replaced by the porcelain dental crown. Using dental cement, we will secure the crown and make adjustments to ensure it does not interfere with your bite pattern. Once complete, the dental crown will replace your tooth’s entire exterior, allowing you to restore your smile following severe dental damage completely.

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