Custom Mouthguard

Mouthguards are an essential tool to assist patients in protecting the health and beauty of their teeth and gums when participating in contact sports. Using a mouthguard can often be the difference between keeping or losing a tooth when a collision occurs and the mouth is impacted. Additionally, mouthguards can be used to address complex dental concerns like teeth grinding or TMJ disorders.

While over-the-counter options are available, many patients find that store-bought mouthguards do not properly fit their smiles. Our office provides custom mouthguards designed specifically for you and your needs using dental impressions of your own teeth. Learn more about the uses of custom mouthguards below.

Custom Mouthguard


Dr. Hudgens is an experienced general dentist in Charleston, SC. He emphasizes preventative care and is here to help you maintain your dental health for many years to come. Using dental impressions of your own teeth, our office can create custom mouthguards for patients in need of dental protection.


We are happy to provide patients participating in sports with custom sports mouthguards. Protecting your smile while participating in sports can help you avoid costly, unanticipated dental damages later on. Many sports require the use of a sports mouthguard. It’s important to consult with your dentist about the risks associated with playing impact sports without wearing a form of dental protection.

With our custom mouthguards, we can ensure a proper fit to prevent slipping or discomfort while in use.


Oral appliance therapy through the use of a custom nightguard is often recommended as a conservative treatment option for TMJ disorders. TMJ disorders occur when your jaw joints are impacted by increased tension. To reduce the tension on these joints, a nightguard can be worn while you sleep to prevent teeth grinding in addition to maintaining a healthier jaw resting position as you sleep. This allows you to wake up fully restored, without jaw pain or other associated symptoms of TMJ disorders.


Custom mouthguards have a ton of benefits compared to over-the-counter mouthguards. These boil and bite mouthguards claim to be one size fits all, but they don’t fit anyone perfectly. With over-the-counter sports mouthguards, you constantly have to clench your mouth to keep them in. You can’t communicate with the players on your team or get a quick drink of water without having to take your mouthguard out.

Clenching all the time comes with other issues. It puts extra pressure on your jaw joints and can lead to TMJ disorders. Slowly, the disc in your jaw joint gets worn down. Your jaw no longer tracks properly when this happens. It grinds and pops and you may have problems opening and closing your jaw. If this happens, you may find yourself needing another custom mouthguard — this time as oral appliance therapy for TMJ.

With a custom sports mouthguard, you get a comfortable, snug fit. They’re designed to fit you perfectly, without being too tight. You can talk with the mouthguard and not have to worry about it falling out of your mouth. It’s easy for you to communicate with your team while still keeping your teeth safe.

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